Full Time:

- Executive Assistant Work directly under Skyler managing schedule, setting appointments, organizing travel, social media management and PR. You will be the point of contact with all venders, content curators, media requests, online freelancers and designers. Organization is a top priority in this role, as you will have to make up for Skyler's lack of organization. Creativity and problem solving is the number 2 priority of this role. This position requires you live in Phoenix, Arizona and may require travel. Must be extremely experienced in social media and willing to learn continuously. Programs you will be working with regularly will include mail chimp, linkedin, facebook, instagram, twitter, youtube, square space, wordpress, trello, canva, wideo, slack, snapchat, final cut pro. 


Full Time/Part Time: Based on Experience, Availability and Your Preference

- Videographer: Will be responsible for filming and editing multiple projects at a time, ranging from short 30-second videos to 20-minute short films. Speed and ability to produce completed videos quickly is the top priority of this role. This position requires you live in or near Phoenix, Arizona and are available to work nights and weekends. This position can be full time or part time/project based. Must already be familiar with final cut pro and youtube.  

- Content Curator: Responsible for re-purposing video content into blog, facebook, twitter and instagram posts. Creativity is the top priority in this role. This position can be part-time on your own schedule, but must be consistent and prompt. 

Gig-Based and Freelance Work:

- Articles and Blogs: Responsible for researching and summarizing varies topics and subjects ranging from finance, social media, marketing, digital media and current events. You may be responsible for a consistent number of articles per week, or be paid per article completed, depending on your talents and availability. 

- Social Media Designers: Responsible for re-purposing content from videos and blogs into social media posts using programs like canva, facebook, twitter, instagram, snapchat and wordpress. Creativity and communication are top priorities of this position.